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nemo saltat sobrius

Imperial Majesty Astrid the Mirthful of Fiddlehope in the Marsh

the empress
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هِيَ لَيسَ هُناَ
This is the LJ (blog) of Astrid. She is of Swedish heritage, has a mother and a father who does not live together. Therefore she also have loads of siblings, not always related to each other. Astrid loves her tv-shows, her friends and on occasion her studies. She studied Arabic because it seemed cool. She sometimes wished she had a cat or a dog, but will have to settle with living with her boyfriend M for now. She believes this to be a very important text. If you wish to read about her life in Swedish do so here. This journal recently went mostly friends only. If you wish to add Astrid, you will have to leave a comment here.

iam_the Samantha Carter (Stargate SG-1) of Livejournal.
the 19th Aug 2009 she married _frengers_ at marry_a_ljuser. She will thereafter be referred to as "wife".
this is astrids fandoms: stargate, bbc sherlock, dro who, star trek, house, desperate housewives, sanctuary, battlestar galactica, the scarlet pimpernel, gone with the wind, amanda tapping, true blood